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Building Boolean Searches

What are Boolean Searches?

Boolean searches are specially constructed searches that combine many search terms into a single search. This allows you to build a search with any combination of terms.

Where Can I Enter Boolean Searches?

Use the JOB SEARCH field at the top of most pages for entering Boolean search terms.  The JOB SEARCH field also displays the Boolean equivalent of searches you perform on the Advanced Search form. This is a simple way to get started with Boolean searches.

How Do I Build Boolean Searches?

Boolean searches are built using additional symbols to indicate the type of search terms you are entering:

ALL of the words (no symbol required)
ANY of the words or
NONE of the words - (minus sign)
EXACTLY this phrase "" (surround with double-quotes)

  • To search for multiple keywords, just list the keywords.
  • To search for optional keywords, list the optional keywords separated by or.
  • To exclude keywords, precede each keyword to exclude with a minus sign ( - ).
  • To search for multi-word phrases, enclose each phrase in double-quotes.

Boolean Search Examples

To search for postings that contain the individual words “accountant” and “legal”, your Boolean search would look like this:

    accountant legal

Lets say you are looking for a project management position. Postings might contain either “project manager” or “program manager”. A Boolean search for this would be:

    "program manager" or "project manager"

which is a combination of two EXACTLY this phrase terms with the ANY of the words symbol, and postings with either of the exact phrases will be returned in your search results.


Using the NONE of the words is also simple. Let's say you want to search for the same project or program management postings, but leave out postings referring to project leader. The Boolean search for this might be:

    "program manager" or "project manager" -"project leader"

adding the NONE of the words term “project leader” as EXACTLY this phrase.  Jobs that contain that phrase would be eliminated from search results.


Here is one more example that combines all the Boolean terms. Suppose you are searching for a senior financial officer position but not at a bank. You could build a search like the following:

    finance or financial chief or vp or "vice president" or senior -bank

This search has three parts:

finance or financial
     results will include any of these terms

chief or vp or "vice president" or senior
     and results will include any of these terms

     and results will not include the term "bank".