Community Career Centres

Provide Canada's largest source for job opportunities to clients of your career resource centre. CareerAIM is the perfect solution for any career resource centre with public access computers.

This product can provide full access to the power of the job search system from any computer within your career centre. Many public libraries use this product in that same way.

For ordering information or a free trial of CareerAIM, please contact us directly.

Community Centre Features

  • Access is restricted to your computers based on your centre's IP address range
  • Licensing is based on the number of simultaneous users that can be served.
  • Comprehensive — by far the most complete and current source for Canadian job opportunities
  • Web-based solution can be safely and securely accessed from any centre computer
  • Powerful Search Tools — simple to use but powerful Boolean text search tools identify relevant jobs by location, industry and company
  • Research Tool — use the vast archive of job data to uncover key regional and sector employment trends
  • Saved Searches — users can create their own password protected profiles and saved searches
  • Email Job Alerts — centre users can receive email Jobs Alerts at home for three weeks and renew them as many times as they wish