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CareerAIM TRANSITION allows your career transition firm to deliver the most powerful job search tools available for your clients, under your own brand. It helps your clients identify the best career growth opportunities possible, in any job market or market condition. TRANSITION is a web-based solution designed to be seamlessly integrated into your company's web site.

Designed for the Job Seeker provides by far the largest number of job opportunities of any source in Canada, more than six times the number of the two largest commercial job boards combined, Monster and Workopolis.

The technology captures job opportunities, on a daily basis, from a vast array of resources that include private corporate web sites, government, recruiters, not-for-profits, commercial job boards, news groups and print media. In addition to this, obtains job opportunities from companies and recruiting firms that input their staffing requirements directly into the system at no cost.

In these ways, is capturing approximately 250,000 unique new job opportunities each month from coast to coast in Canada. The majority of these opportunities are not to be found on any commercial job posting site. By providing access to job opportunities that are not widely known–those not advertised on commercial job posting sites such as Monster and Workopolis–CareerAIM can provide your clients with a significant advantage in the job marketplace. provides the industry's most powerful job search tools to help job seekers find the best employment opportunities possible–those closely aligned with their interests and abilities–from within Canada's largest database of unique new job postings.


  • Comprehensive – by far the most complete and current source for Canadian job opportunities
  • Powerful Search Tools – simple to use but powerful Boolean text search tools identify relevant jobs by location, industry and company
  • Web-based solution – designed to be seamlessly integrated into your web site and service delivery systems
  • Delivered by you – from your client's point of view, the service can appear to be delivered by your company
  • Saved Searches – users can create their own password protected profiles and saved searches
  • Email Job Alerts – email Job Alerts from your company will advise your clients of relevant positions
  • Data Mining – of a vast archive of job data to uncover key regional employment trends, business intelligence and sales leads
  • Scalable – suitable for any size of organization

CareerAIM Sources

CareerAIM Sources

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