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Job Posting Terms of Use

I acknowledge that CareerAIM will only accept actual job postings from employers or professional recruiting service providers who have been formally engaged to represent an employer.  I agree to only post actual job opportunities that are currently available.

I agree not to submit job postings for business or self-employment opportunities, jobs from a placement agency that charges an application fee, postings where there are currently no available openings, or if the employment is located outside Canada.  CareerAIM may refuse job ads for any of these or other reasons.

With exception of the contact information on a job posting, I will not post any sensitive or personal information, or any confidential third-party information, including any proprietary information about a business without the owner's consent.  I will also not post a job advertisement containing inappropriate information, including any commercial solicitation and/or advertising, offensive or illegal language or content, defamatory statements, inflammatory or discriminatory content based on gender, sexual orientation, age, religious affiliation, disability and/or ethnicity.  I will not post any morally offensive job offers on CareerAIM.

I agree not to re-post Job Postings, or in any way duplicate Job Postings, merely to increase the prominence of a posting.  I will not submit Job Postings to locations other than the actual work location.

I certify that I am the sole owner of all rights in the material I post, or I have the right by license or permission to post this material in a public forum such as this Internet site.

I agree that job postings may be subject to delays of several days due to CareerAIM's verification procedures and I acknowledge that this will be taken into account when I select the expiry date of a job posting.  CareerAIM reserves the right to ask recruiting service providers the names of their clients to ensure that job postings are legitimate.

I understand that it is my responsibility to ensure that my job postings comply with all applicable federal/provincial/territorial legislation including employment standards and human rights legislation.

CareerAIM will not post job advertisements or will remove them, without notice, if they fail to comply with the above or for any other reason deemed appropriate by CareerAIM.  CareerAIM reserves the right to permanently bar access to (blacklist) any individual or organization that does not respect these Terms of Use.

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