Job Search

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What are the features of the system, and where do I find them?

A:  The main features are JOB SEARCH, Advanced Search, and the CAREER CENTER where you can find career advice and links for more help.  JOB SEARCH is near the top of all pages, with a link to Advanced Search.  CAREER CENTER links are in the column on the left-hand side of pages.

Q:  How do I construct a search that finds the jobs that I’m looking for?

A:  Enter keywords in the JOB SEARCH field, choose one or more locations, and press the Search button.  For more control over your search, use the Advanced Search form. You can search for individual keywords, phrases in quotes, optional keywords, or keywords you don't want in results.  Note that up to 100 jobs are returned in results.  Tuning your search keywords will help you find the jobs you are looking for.  For more help, see the JOB SEARCH Help and the Search Tutorial.

Q:  Why do I see old job postings in the search results?

A:  Although some job openings are filled right away, others remain open for some time.  The only way to be sure that a job has not been filled is to refer to the original job posting or to contact the employer that posted the job.  You can eliminate older jobs from your search results by changing the Date Posted value on the Advanced Search form.

Q:  I've identified several job openings.  Now what do I do?

A:  From the Search Results page, click on the job title or press the View Details button to display the job details.  From the Job Details page, click on View Original Posting to open a new window to view the original posting.  Use the original posting to learn how to apply and to learn more about the employer.  Visiting the original posting is recommended because if the job is filled, usually the original posting will state that the job is no longer available, or the posting itself will not be available.

Q:  Pages are not displaying correctly.  What can I do?

A:  In order to use the Job Search Service, your browser must be set to accept Session (temporary) cookies, and JavaScript must be enabled.  If you see a message on any page about cookies or JavaScript, then we have detected that your browser is not configured to accept them.  Change your browser settings to allow session (temporary) cookies and JavaScript.  Adding to the list of trusted sites in your browser will also help.

Q:  Where can I get more help?

A:  The CAREER CENTRE not only provides articles on how to improve your career search, but also has links to additional help and tutorials.  Or, you can click the Help link near the JOB SEARCH field at the top of pages.