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This help document is for CareerAIM-Free, a limited feature version of CareerAIM-Pro.  With CareerAIM-Free, job search depth is limited and access to new job postings is delayed by up to one week.  Even with these limitations, CareerAIM-Free is still the most comprehensive and effective free job search engine available in Canada.  For a comparison between CareerAIM-Pro and CareerAIM-Free features, visit CareerAIM-Free and CareerAIM-Pro Features Comparison.

You can search directly by entering keywords into the JOB SEARCH field and choosing a location to search, then pressing the search button.

The Advanced Search form helps you build a more detailed search and provides options for how the results are presented.

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On the left-hand side of pages are links for navigating the website.  At the top and bottom of pages are links for logging in or out, changing the language, and for contact and support.  Near the top of pages is a sequence of links showing you where you are on the site, beginning with Home.  You can return to previous pages by clicking these links.
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Search by Keywords

There are two ways to search for jobs.  The JOB SEARCH fields near the top of each form let you search directly.  Type your keywords, choose one or more locations, and press the Search button.

For more control, use the Advanced Search form.  In Advanced Search, use ALL of the words to match all the keywords that in the job postings, ANY of the words to match any one or more keywords, NONE of the words for words you do not want in any matched postings, and EXACTLY this phrase to match a phrase in the job postings.

Advanced Search lets you match either job Titles, job Descriptions, or both.  You can also choose the maximum age of the job matches up to one month, sort the matches, and set how many matches per page you would like to see.
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Create Job Alert

After performing a search you can create a Job Alert – this will run the same search for you every day, and send you the results by email.  Click on the Create Job Alert link, enter your email address, and press the Create my account button.
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We welcome your comments, suggestions, and questions.  Please contact us using the form on our Contact page.   We would like to hear from you!
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