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The Canadian Job Market Report is published monthly by, Canada’s leading aggregator of job market data. The report provides job market performance indexes based on the number of new job postings by Canadian employers. It presents a national summary that is then broken-down by province. Graphs illustrate the current job market conditions with the previous year shown as a reference. Separate graphs show year-over-year job market trends with seasonal variations removed. All graphs are 30 day rolling averages with 365 data points per year.

The Canadian Job Market Report is a Leading Indicator looking at job advertisements. Job market data used in the report is captured daily, from thousands of independent Canadian sources, allowing us to provide a near real-time view of the Canadian job market conditions in fine detail. In contrast to this, trusted reports produced by Statistics Canada are Following Indicators because they look at landed jobs that lag the advertised employment market by at least two months–this lag is the time between when jobs are first advertised and when new employees report actually being hired to survey administrators, plus data processing delays. The Canadian Job Market Report is therefore an important tool for analysts, journalists and policymakers considering current and future job market trends in Canada. sources include all levels of government, Usenet, not-for-profits, recruiters, corporate web sites, print media and others sources. We capture the majority of published job opportunities each day in Canada and make this data available to clients of the Job Search Engine. This vast dataset also allows us to produce this report. is able to produce other job market reports by specific industries, location, sector, occupation, and data source. Please contact for information about customized data products. is Canada’s largest source of job opportunities. job search solutions are used or recommended by the majority of professional career coaches in Canada.

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