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Add CareerAIM job search features to your website with one of our free and simple to use publisher tools:

CareerAIM Search Widget – Provides predefined job listings directly on your website based on key words and the location you select. This tool is perfect for website operators who wish to provide job listings tailored to a particular audience, profession, demographic or region. The Search Widget allows you to provide content that will attract targeted site visitors and improve your search engine rankings.

CareerAIM Search Widget
The CareerAIM Search Widget is a free way to bring job listings directly into your site, and is fully customizable.

Choose the search you want to perform, adjust the number of results, colors, and more to match the design of your website.

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CareerAIM Search Box – This tool allows you to integrate our powerful job search engine directly into your website. Your site visitors will be able to perform job searches based on keywords and location. This tool is designed for website operators who wish to provide a job search services to a wide audience of job seekers.

CareerAIM Search Box
The CareerAIM Search Box gives your visitors a direct way to search for jobs on CareerAIM, for free!

Adding search to your website is easy with this simple tool.

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